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Sant Ritz floor plans are divided as per the different blocks, tower block(19 Storeys) and row-houses(5 Storeys) block. All rowhouse block units will feature two views, the landed view and the pool view.

All units do not have bay windows and bomb shelters and come with quality finishings plus free fridge and washer cum dryer.

Kindly download floor plans to determine the size to suit your investment purpose or for your family needs. Further information can be queried by calling our hotline or registering. All plans are still subjected to final approval from developer.

To reference with the site plan, please click here.



The 5 storey Rowhouse block consists of the 13 unique row houses, 2 bedroom type and also the 2/3 bedroom penthouses.

1st and 2nd storey are occupied by the rowhouses, followed by the 2 bedders on the third storey. Fourth storey will house the double storey 2 & 3 bedroom penthouses. Every unit is single loading and consist of two view, landed and pool views.

unit size sant ritz floor plans





Row Houses Block Floor Plans Download (click type to download)
Rowhouses 2 Bedroom / Penthouse
3 Bedroom Penthouse
row house

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The tower block makes up of 19 storeys of the typical 1-3br units and penthouses.

Tower unit floor plan







Tower Block Floor Plans (click to download)
1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom

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